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Ugadi is the special day for Telugu, Kannada and Marathi native people. It is a new year day celebrated on the first day, on the first month Chaitra, as per Hindu calendar. Ugadi celebrations begins very early in the morning. People take head bath, tie mango leaves in the home, splash fresh cow dung water and decorate the entrance of home with colourful designs. Then special dishes are prepared using six main ingredients including new jaggery, raw mango pieces, neem flowers, and new tamarind, which reflects six tastes of life. Celebrate the festival of Ugadi by exchanging hearty Ugadi wishes along with these attractive Ugadi quotes. You can download any number of Ugadi Quotes images for free.

    As the new day of the year starts, may you have a heart filled with love and happiness. My best and warmest wishes to you on Ugadi!

    Wishing you a happy and prosperous Ugadi. May this year bring you lots of happiness and life. Ugadi Subhakankshalu.

    May you have a year full of blessings and prosperity. Happy Ugadi to you and your family!

    Sending you my warmest wishes this Ugadi. May this year be the start of more prosperous life. Wishing you all the best, Happy Ugadi!

    Ugadi is a day that marks the New Year's day for people from Andhra Pradesh, Sindh, Karnataka, Manipur and Maharashtra. Ugadi usually falls between March and April which marks that beginning of Chaitra Month of lunisolar calendar. Spread the spirit of Ugadi with our hearty Ugadi Quotes pictures, ecards, wallpapers.

    I wish you a life filled with prosperity and abundance. Have a blessed and prosperous Ugadi!

    Never give up, just like when you eat the recipe with 6 tastes. Happy Ugadi to you!

    This Ugadi, remember and accept that life is like Ugadi Pachhadi, with lots of ingredients and tastes. Happy Ugadi to you!

    I wish you nothing but the best. May all of your wishes come true. Have a blessed Ugadi Festival!

    Celebrate this Ugadi with so much fervor and mirth. Ugadi is celebrated to commemorate the day when Lord Brahma created the universe. Here we have given you some of the best and heartfelt Ugadi Quotes pictures, Ugadi greetings ecards, Ugadi wishes quotes, Ugadi SMS messages that you can use to greet your dear ones a happy Ugadi!

    This Ugadi, I wish that all of your dreams come true. Be happy and successful. Happy Ugadi to you!

    Make your life more beautiful, Create new aspirations, Aim for better goals and let the Lord help you achieve them. Have a happy Ugadi!

    Wishing you a life as sweet as those fruits you’ll harvest this Ugadi. Happy Ugadi!

    I hope that this New Year lightens up your life with more cheer and success. Have a happy Ugadi!

    Start the year with laughter, cheer and zeal. Wishing everyone a peaceful and joyous Ugadi!

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